Back To School in Style

Back To School in Style


Your kid’s vacations are ending, so it’s time to come up with new and creative ways to add outfits to their back-to-school wardrobe. Your kids might be excited to add a few fun new items to wear on the first day of their school, so consider looks ones that are stylish, yet practical. Let’s have a look at a few must-have back-to-school fashion trends.

Minimalist Back-To-School Outfits

Minimalist outfits are easy to create as you just need to play around with the basics and you are done!  A matching set in a neutral tone, a great pair of jeans and a shirt for boys while a frock or a neutral colored shirt and shorts set for girls is the best. the Billie Set is comfy and stylish at the same time.

 Billie Knit Cotton Set Petite Maison Kids

Trendy Back-To-School Ideas

Kids want to feel special and confident going back to school. You can make them look on-trend and stylish with some of the versatile pieces. A tuxedo dress like this one is perfect to give your kids a smart look.

Tuxedo Dress Petite Maison Kids

Maximalist Back-To-School Outfit 

Dressing your kids as maximalists will always make them look super adorable and your kids will love it as well. You can make them wear neutral tones but with layers and ruffles to make them look dressed up! The maximalist outfit look is best achieved in winter with all the layering up or wearing a dressy tunic over tights such as Brianna Set.

Brianna Top and Pants Set Petite Maison Kids

Preppy Back-To-School Outfits 

Kids flaunt preppy style the best! Preppy styles for kids included striped shirts, polo shirts, checkered prints, and easy pants that can be mixed and matched to give a different look. For girls, cute frocks and shorts with statement collars and bows give them the preppy look. 

Checkered Top and Pants Set Petite Maison Kids


Classic Back-To-School Outfits

You can never go wrong to dress up your kids in cute classic-inspired outfits! Just add white blouse for an old-school theme or dress them up in jackets that have a vintage vibe. Flared skirt with bows look perfect for a classic look.


Fun Back To School Look

It's always fun to add some knee high socks with bows to dress up an outfit! Your kids might find colors, patterns, and ruffles fun and in this look, you can go to your maximum for a fun look. Emma Linen Socks are perfect to get this look.

Emma Knee High Socks Petite Maison Kids

With these six back-to-school outfits your kids will look super adorable and their best once the summer break is over. Just add these sweet outfits to your kid’s wardrobes and you are all sorted! 

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